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The Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs) in English, Mathematics, and Science

The ARBs consist of 2933 curriculum-based assessment resources designed for students working at levels 2-5 for use in New Zealand schools.

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On Sunday 21st July a sizeable earthquake occurred in the middle of New Zealand. This was one of a swarm of earthquakes.


Here are some resources that feature earthquakes. They address science, English and maths knowledge and skills.

Using the resources

  • Some of the resources refer to a particular earthquake. Make sure students understand they are not about the recent ones. However, do make links to the current events. This will help them see the relevance of the task to everyday events.
  • Some of the resources could be adapted by changing the information provided. Source reports and graphics in local newspapers or on-line of the recent earthquakes.
  • If possible, include students' experiences. What did they notice? How did their experiences compare with others? What explanations can they give for the observations/experiences?

Level 2
Earthquake safety (VL4099)

Level 3
Emergency planning guide (VL4062)
Emergency situation (OL1513)

Level 4
Roads and earthquakes (PE8016)

Level 5
Wellington earthquakes (PE8515)
Anna's and Mark's earthquake (PE8513)
Earthquake (PE8530)
Earthquakes (PE8533)
Plate tectonics animation (PE8532)
Modified Mercalli intensity scale (PE8527)
Where was the earthquake? (PE8524)
Colliding tectonic plates PE8522)


The three articles about using the ARBs to support planning across the curriculum.
Planning across the curriculum: using the ARBs I (context)
Planning across the curriculum: using the ARBs II (students)
Planning across the curriculum: using the ARBs III (curriculum)

National Standards
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National Standards and the ARBs

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National Standards and the Mathematics ARBs Selector
National Standards and the Reading ARBs Selector
National Standards and the Writing ARBs Selector

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How does understanding text features benefit reading comprehension?

Writing assessment guide outlines twelve criteria used to assess ARB writing exemplars.

Thinking about how language works supports teachers with additional information about language.


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Concept maps in Basic facts, Algebraic patterns, Fractional thinking, Algebraic thinking, and Computational estimation.

Workshop & presentations (ppt): Basic Facts, Algebraic patterns, Unpacking student responses, Supporting PD in algebraic & fractional thinking, & more.


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Building science concepts and Making better sense books are mapped to ARB resources.


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